Andrea Austin

Licensed Assistant

License # 55055479

Meet Andrea

Born and raised between Evergreen and Littleton, Colorado, Andrea has experienced firsthand how much the real estate market and neighborhoods have changed over the years. Her many years spent living in NYC while getting her degree at CUNY Brooklyn College have made her a multifaceted individual who thrives in fast-paced environments and high-pressure situations. As a licensed assistant with a background in journalism, Andrea knows the power of strong communication and research. She makes sure your home gets the spotlight it deserves through digital and print marketing that captures all its best angles, ensuring it gets the attention it needs.

But Andrea isn't just about marketing magic. She's the secret ingredient that makes client events seamless, helps transform an empty house into a carefully adorned masterpiece, and manages Athena's bustling schedule, giving her more time to focus on clients and their dream homes. You'll find Andrea working behind the scenes, whether it's prepping your home for its big moment on the market, crafting top-notch marketing materials, keeping the gears of transactions running smoothly, or handling the puzzle of scheduling.

Outside the real estate world, Andrea's all about soaking in Denver's rich music and arts scene or traveling the globe, a true explorer at heart. And when she's recharging, she's practicing yoga or at home in Lowry, channeling her artistic side with her trusty sidekick, Schmusi the cat.

In Andrea, you've got a mix of experience, professionalism, and down-to-earth creativity that comes together in a way that makes the real estate journey not only successful but enjoyable too.